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You want to have your WordPress website made by a professional who does not charge the top price with confidence. We understand that well.

Web design map ensures that you who are looking for professional help to build your WordPress website are directly helped by a regional expert. Of course, you don’t want to have a WordPress site made by someone who doesn’t know anything or someone who constantly has to tell you what to do. No, you are looking for a proactive professional who navigates the best route with you.

Webdesigner.in.th can help you with this perfectly

Our system ensures that you are linked to a web design agency that meets your requirements in no time. For example, you can request quotes from web designers from your region free of charge and without obligation.

Why have a WordPress website made?

WordPress makes it easy to manage your website yourself. It is extremely user-friendly, which ensures that you have few costs after development because you can do a lot yourself.

Most WordPress websites keep up with the times. The platform is constantly updated and the latest technologies are continuously introduced. Nowadays it goes without saying that if you want to have a WordPress website built, it should be available on all devices. Of course you also want the design to be suitable for mobile, and therefore responsive.

WordPress web design: what should you pay attention to?

When it comes to WordPress web design, there are good developers and bad ones.

It is very easy to call yourself a WordPress developer these days because it is a very user-friendly system. You can even create a website with WordPress without having to code a single line.

This great ease of use is great for you as the owner of the website, but we advise you to be careful if you want to have a website made. As far as we are concerned, good WordPress web design does not only mean that the developer ensures that the WordPress website is created so that the website visitors have a good experience. Good WordPress web design also means that you, as the owner of the website, can find your way around and have a lot of control yourself.

Webdesigner.in.th only works with real WordPress specialists. With us, you never have to worry when you submit an application. You will always receive quotes from recognized WordPress experts.

WordPress website costs

The cost of having a WordPress website made can strongly depend on your wishes and needs. For example, if you only want a page where your company information can be found with contact methods at the bottom, it will be a lot cheaper. We also call this a one pager. This means that no extra pages are added, which can greatly reduce costs. However, it is often desirable to use multiple pages because visitors want to read more. For example, each part of your service should have its own page.

The final WordPress website costs therefore depend on the number of pages, the complexity of your website, your unique wishes and needs and more. Of course, the office costs can also vary greatly. Where one WordPress agency uses a higher hourly rate but is ready for your assignment faster, another WordPress agency uses a lower hourly rate but they are working longer. Please note: A high hourly rate does not always mean that they deliver better quality!

WordPress website costs, what can you think about?

The exact costs to have a WordPress website depend strongly on your wishes and needs in combination with the WordPress agency costs. Therefore always first request non-binding quotes via our website to get an idea of what you can expect.

Our system ensures that you are linked to a web design agency that meets your requirements in no time. For example, you can request quotes from web designers from your region free of charge and without obligation.

FAQ about having a WordPress website made

Many web agencies provide hosting services, either through their packages or partnerships with providers. Affiliated agencies handle all aspects, so there’s no need to worry or arrange anything yourself.

Webdesigner.in.th is impartial and unaffiliated with Thailand’s web builders. They connect clients with skilled web designers, fostering healthy competition among local designers. This benefits clients with improved pricing while maintaining quality.

The duration of the project varies based on its size, taking a week to several weeks. Simple WordPress sites might be done in 2 weeks, while custom designs could take months. Using the quotation form provides insight into the project’s lead time.

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